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Heart Fire by Michael Faith $16.95
Heart Fire by Michael Faith

NEW BOOK RELEASE! Heart Fire: Practices to Awaken, Expand, and Engage Your Heart by Michael Faith. Now Shipping. ISBN 978-0984047413

With life-changing meditations, rituals, and insights, Heart Fire will help you open to love and grace, and transform your relationships. Filled with practical and attainable exercises, this book will show you how to harness the radiant energy of your heart and bring its beautiful gifts into the world.

Topics include extensive conflict resolution techniques, how to work with difficulty, creative meditations, forgiveness and compassion exercises, gratitude, appreciation, and care rituals, and hands-on instruction for engaging the healing potential of your heart. Every page illuminates a step on the path towards greater joy, ease, freedom, and love for those who wish to step into the fire-temple of the heart.


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